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Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking, and Its Success Story

History of Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking has over 25 years of experience in cakes and bakery industry in Taiwan. The founder of Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking had a very simple goal when starting his first bakery shop. He always thought of baking for everyone, and share with everyone.

Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking Business Experience

Choosing “Donutes” as a brand name was due to the core product; it was a fried bread those days. From 1989 to 2006, Donutes was a traditional bakery. However, in May 2006, Donutes repositioned its market position with Donutes’ Coffee & Cake Baking. This was a new direction that changed everything, the business concept, the products, the shop design and decoration. Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking had successfully created many miracles as it took every process seriously and keep revising and examining.

As of today, Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking products include specialty coffee, tea series, cakse, bread, and ice cream. The variety of products that serves different groups of customers, had shown that Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking is customer-orientated. It even provides a pleasant environment for get- together, chit-chatting or just relaxing.


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